Patrick Milabyo Kyamusugulwa

I graduated in 2014 in Wageningen University (The Netherlands) where I did my PhD studies in community-driven reconstruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am lecturer/researcher at the Institut Superieur des Techniques Medicales de Bukavu (ISTM-Bukavu) and the Institut Suprieur de Developpement Rural de Bukavu (ISDR-Bukavu) and researcher at the International Institute of the Social Studies (ISS) of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). I have published widely in participatory approaches to health, development and reconstruction. I am currently doing research on social accountability and gender.

Key words: community-driven reconstruction, community-driven development, power relations, capacity building for governance, labour, gender, social accountability, local ownership.

Recent publications:

Kyamusugulwa PM & Hilhorst D. Power Holders and Social Dynamics of Participatory Development and Reconstruction: Cases from the Democratic Republic of Congo. World Development Vol. 70, pp. 249–259, 2015.

Kyamusugulwa PM, Hilhorst, D. & Der Haar, G. Capacity builders for governance: community-driven reconstruction in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Development in Practice, 24:7, 812-826, 2014.

Kyamusugulwa PM. Participatory Development and Reconstruction: a literature review, Third World Quarterly, 34:7, 1265-1278, 2013.

Kyamusugulwa PM. Local ownership in community-driven reconstruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Community Development, 2013. DOI:10.1080/15575330.2013.800128


Fellow member
ISTM-Bukavu & ISDR-Bukavu