Orquidea Maasarongo-Jona

Orquídea Massarongo-Jona is a PhD Researcher at the University of Ghent (Human Rights). She graduated from Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (2002) and later joined the Mozambican Bar Association (2004). Orquídea obtained an LL.M. at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town (South Africa) where she was awarded a Master’s Degree in International Trade Law (2003). She practiced law at José Caldeira & Associados (JCA).

Currently Orquídea is working at the Faculty of Law, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique) as a Full Time Lecturer; she is also enrolled at the Center for Human Rights (since 2005) at the same University as a Project Manager and Researcher. Her areas of research interest are human rights, health research ethics and trade law, with particular interest in issues that affect or relate to women and vulnerable people.

Orquídea has also developed some consultancy work in areas such as trade in services, ethics in health research, Human Rights (women Rights/Trade and Human Rights), humanitarian law and media law.

Her PhD in Human Rights at Ghent University (Belgium) is part of the Desafio Programme, a VLIR-UOS Institutional Cooperation Programme between Mozambique and Belgium DESAFIO. Her PhD research deals with the practice and enjoyment of sexual and reproductive rights by women in Mozambique in the work sphere, with a comparative study with South African and Portuguese Jurisdiction.

Orquídea Massarongo-Jona, is a member of the Council of Directors of the Regional Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa in partnership with other 10 African Universities Coordinated by the University of Pretoria and of the Commission of Human Rights at Mozambique Bar Association. She is also a member of the National Ethics Research Committee for Health, an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Health.

Together with Prof. Eva Brems, she coordinates the human rights component of the VLIR-UOS Institutional Cooperation Programme with Mozambique DESAFIO. She als coordinates the publication of a Human Rights Journal and co-edited publications resulting from a inter-institutional cooperation with the University of Macao.

Orquídea Massarongo-Jona is a member of the Lusophone Association for Health Law (ALDIS)

Affiliate member
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane & Ghent University