Ömer Koçyigit

I studied History at MA level at the Bogazici University where I focused on the relationship between Africa and the Ottoman Empire. I chose the Sudanese territory that belonged to the Ottoman Empire and was ruled by the Ottoman-Egyptian administration. I graduated from Bogazici in May 2014, with a thesis titled “From Sufi Movement to Statehood: The Mahdi Uprising in the Ottoman Sudan, 1881-1885.”

I was accepted in the PhD programme of Leiden University (Humanities) in 2014 . My research focus is on the legitimacy of the Ottoman Caliph and some opponent movements like Sudanese Mahdists and Wahhabists in terms of Islamic concepts of leadership. In this regard, I am interested in the discussions of scholars from different regions such as Istanbul, Hejaz and Sudan, and their publications and networks of the 19th century.

From December 2015 to December 2016 I was at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) as a researcher.

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- “The Ottoman State’s Perception about the Sudanese Mahdi Uprising”, International Journal of Turcologia, 9/18, Paris 2014, pp. 101-137.


Affiliate member
Leiden University