Nouria Ouibrahim

Nouria Ouibrahim holds an international MBA (The Hague University) and a Master of Science in Marine Biology (Algeria). Nouria has been in touch with and active in the Dutch business and entrepreneurial community for many years. Coming from Algeria, she understands and respects the cultural identities and culture differences between different countries and different continents. She sees enormous opportunities in bridging these different worlds and bringing the best of each to the other. Understanding cultural aspects combined with a mastering of different languages and her fascination for human interactions form her driving force and has allowed her to help organizations and entrepreneurs develop their network, reach their goals, and add value to their business.

From 1999 until 2010, Nouria has been working as policy adviser within different ministries and governmental institutions such as Ministry of Transport and Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).  Participated in those years in International fora representing the interests of the Netherlands (IMO). Starting in 2011, Nouria developed within NABC the full life cycle of innovative water-agriculture multi-year programs for the Dutch companies that were eager and willing to do business in Africa in a sustainable way; from project inception to project management to financial reporting/auditing. As MT member Nouria was responsible for the development of regional hubs strategy.

As a Regional North Africa manager, Nouria co-founded the Algerian Netherlands Business Council (CAAN). The CAAN's core objective is to stimulate and establish successful business links between Algeria and the Netherlands and strengthen the South- South cooperation. Next to NABC activities, Nouria created a start-up company (LinkedInAfrica) that facilitates the transfer of know-how to North Africa and henceforth creating a market for Dutch products and expertise

Recent publications:
Note to VNO-NCW & NL embassy and Algerian embassy: " Building Bridges for a Green Economic Growth & A Sustainable Bilateral Relation"