Michael Kermah

Michael Kermah has a BSc degree in Agriculture from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana and an MSc Organic Agriculture with specialization in Agro-ecology and minor in Environmental Policy from Wageningen University, Netherlands. Currently, I am a PhD Student of Wageningen University with the Plant Production Systems Group within the Production Ecology and Research Conservation graduate school. My PhD is focused on exploring the legume-rhizobium symbiosis as affected by environment and management ((GL x GR) x E x M) for increasing N2 fixation for increased crop production in northern Ghana. I also work with the Centre for Sustainable Rural Agriculture & Development (CSRAD Ghana) as a Research Fellow.

My research interests include:
cropping systems;
soil fertility with grain legumes;
sustainable and low-input agricultural production systems;
climate change and variability adaptation and effect on crop production;
integrated pest management (IPM);
life cycle assessments (LCA) of agricultural production systems;
in terms of crops, I am more focused on grain legumes (cowpea, groundnuts, soybean, common bean), cereals (maize, sorghum, millet), cocoa and banana / plantain.

Key words: cropping systems, climate change, sustainable agriculture, legumes, cocoa

Country of focus: Ghana

Affiliate member
Wageningen University
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