Mathijs van Leeuwen

Mathijs van Leeuwen is a rural development sociologist, who specialises in conflict and peacebuilding in developing countries. After his graduation at Wageningen University in 1999, he worked as a researcher at Clingendael, and with various NGOs in Kenya, Sudan, Guatemala and Bolivia. His PhD research at Wageningen Disaster Studies (2004-2008) concerned discourses and practices of civil society peacebuilding and their international support, with fieldwork in a.o. Burundi and Guatemala. 

Since 2009, Mathijs has been working at the Centre for International Conflict Analysis and Management (CICAM) as an associate professor, teaching courses such as ‘Conflicting Theories’, ‘Conflicts and Governance in Africa’, ‘Civil Society and Peacebuilding’, and ‘Natural Resources, Conflict & Governance’.

His current research focuses on land disputes and post-conflict land reform, local governance and state formation, local dynamics of violent conflict, civil society peacebuilding, and the discourses of intervening organizations on conflict and peace. From 2011-2016 Mathijs was coordinator of and researcher in a programme on land conflicts, local governance and decentralization in Uganda, Burundi, and South Sudan at the African Studies Centre, at Leiden University. Currently he is in charge of a programme on localizing land registration in eastern DR Congo and Burundi.

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