Mathijs Kros

I started my academic pursuit in 2008 at the University of Amsterdam, where I took courses in Economics and Business.  In 2009 I made the switch to the University of Utrecht and started studying Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies. In my second year there, I partook in the Von Humboldt College, the honours programme of the faculty of the social sciences. I went to study at the University of Auckland for one semester, as an exchange student. Some of the articles and essays I wrote during my stay in New Zealand were used by a local professor, Neil Matheson, for the course 'English Writing for Academic Purposes' and a yet to be published book that goes by the same title. In June 2012 I finished my BA and graduated cum laude from the University of Utrecht. For my final research, I worked together with the Norwegian Geological Institute and the Conservation Farming Unit Zambia. I studied the implementation of biochar, part and parcel of a broader programme promoting the use of conservation farming methods in rural Zambia, and I looked explicitly at the motives and incentives of the farmers as they decided whether or not to participate in the programme. The results were presented in my thesis: 'The Choices of the Stranded. Biochar and Conservation Farming in Zambia'.

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