Martina Torma

Currently active as a Volunteer / communications consultant at Microjustice4all and Haki Mashinani in Nairobi, Kenya

Key responsibilities:

•          Communications and marketing

•          Developing HR, Financial and Procurement policy for Haki Mashinani

•          Building new professional partnerships, networking

•          Fundraising and developing a Crowdfunding Tool for MJ4All

•          Contributing to the outreach activities at community level

Originally a linguist, I have a Master’s degree in Slavonic Languages and Cultures from the University of Amsterdam. However, to broaden my scope, I participated in a one-year European Union Studies programme at Leiden University, during which I became particularly interested in human development and the empowerment of women in Africa. In April 2015, I joined Microjustice4all and Haki Mashinani as a volunteer and decided to move to Kenya and dedicate my career to development cooperation. Before moving to Kenya, I worked as an intern for a Polish regional representation office to the European Union in Brussels and did a traineeship with the European Parliament at DG Communication. Working with Haki Mashinani is a great opportunity for me to gain valuable hands-on experience in development cooperation. I am very inspired and excited to directly help the most vulnerable and marginalized members of the Kenyan society by assisting them to acquire their basic legal rights that can offer them protection and economic and social inclusion.

Research interests: Women empowerment and their role in development processes, East African integration and the East African Community.



Associate member
Microjustice4all and Haki Mashinani, Nairobi, Kenya
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