Martin Waalboer

Background: I used to be a nautical engineer and spend years of traveling the US, South America, Asia. (‘83-’89). 1990-1992 I took photography classes at UC Berkeley, lived and worked as a freelance photographer in San Francisco, focusing on documentary photography.

After years of working in the Netherlands, with documentary work done in Poland, France, Spain and exhibiting my work in Istanbul, Paris, Amsterdam, and various other places, I decided to start changing my focus to Africa in 2008. This because of the contacts I had in Louisiana, USA; descendants of  black slaves. This was one of the reasons why I made the documentary “A dream called Harper”. I went to Liberia because of its direct link to the former slaves in the US.

Since 2008, I work on a project in West-Africa on a yearly basis. So far I worked in Liberia, Côte d”Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Senegal. One thing is certain: I will continue to work in Africa as long as possible.


Photoville, New York
Photofestival Naarden

Africa in the Picture Amsterdam

Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam

In the past 5 years my work has been published in -amongst others-NRC magazine, De Volkskrant, het Parool, One World, RNW, ZAM, Courrier, Wordt Vervolgd, Red Cross magazine.