Marloes Kraan

Marloes Kraan is a social scientist in the field of fisheries. She did her PhD research between 2003 and 2005 in Ghana amongst Anlo-Ewe beach seine fishermen, who migrate along the coast of Ghana. Her thesis (Kraan 2009) provides a detailed empirical description and analysis of the Anlo-Ewe beach seine fishery in Ghana. It shows how the Anlo-Ewe beach seine fishermen actively negotiate livelihood space in a situation of multiple governance structures and migration. She is researcher and project leader at IMARES, a leading, independent research institute part of Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR)  that concentrates on research into strategic and applied marine ecology. She also is  a senior researcher at the Centre for Marine Policy (CMP) in Leeuwarden and and an associate researcher at the Centre for Maritime Research (MARE) in Amsterdam.
She has also worked at the Dutch Fish Product Board as policy officer Sustainable Fisheries (2008-2011).
She is interested in contributing to increasing inter- or transdisciplinarity in research for fisheries, interactive governance in fisheries and improving the applicability of social science in fisheries policy.

Associate member
IMARES, Wageningen UR
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