Marianne Douma

I studied Social-Cultural Science with Masters in Management and Organization in Driebergen and Amsterdam. I have been teaching in Zambia and carried out fieldwork. As consultant I contributed to capacity building in other developing countries. As chair of the international committee of D66, I have been organizing seminars and conferences on international subjects with different stakeholders. From 2002-2012, I have been a member of the supervisory board of Oxfam Novib, the Hague.

From my experience in various positions concerning development co-operation, I notice increasing opportunities for co-creation; for supporting independent economic development; a cross-disciplinary approach creating new services; supporting value creation and financial concepts. My aim is sharing knowledge and expertise, leaving the management responsibility in local hands.

Special interest:
Circles of Influence, round tables, conferences. The interplay between governments and knowledge institutions and private sector and NGOs.

Associate member
Expertise on: