Luc de Ruijter

I have been living in Burkina Faso since 2013 and was a frequent visitor before that, since 2003.

I completed my teachers training (arts and history) in the late eighties and university (history) in the early nineties. After graduating from university I worked as the publisher at the Institute for Dutch History (currently Huygens Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis).

In 1999 I made the step to the digital domain as webmaster at WWF NL. After that I went freelance in website development in several roles, but never as a programmer/developer. I worked for large organizations such as RIVM, National Dutch Bank, ING and Atradius (

I currently design in Ouagadougou and am associated with a new media agency (, as a visual consultant, and also as a general communications consultant with a focus on digitization, information management and change management.

In 2013 I taught teachers in using Office at the College Zodoo in Ouahigouya, for Stichting WOL/DSF. In 2014 I redesigned a web application SIMAgri for AfriqueVerte/IICD, both functional and graphical.

I collaborate with two musical groups (Akili Gnouma and Ibrahim Keita) for whom I arrange music and with whom I participated in some live gigs as well.


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