Laguerre Dionro Djerandi

Laguerre Dionro Djerandi is a PhD candidate at the University of Leiden and based at the African Studies Centre.

After his study in law at the University of N'djamena (Chad), Laguerre Djerandi obtained his MA degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (2003) at the Catholic University of Central Africa in Cameroon.

His PhD research project is entitled "Oil extraction in Chad- A new model for conflict prevention?" Chad wanted to draw experiences of negative risks and consequences related to oil production from certain African countries, in order to avoid mistakes of former oil producing and exporting countries. Experiences from some African countries were reviewed. In some of these countries oil has rather impoverished the population. Besides, the environment was polluted. To others oil didn't have the slightest effect on the external debts and has not improved the social indicators. To some others oil was the cause of civil wars. This oil curse has many common denominators: the lack of will to share the oil revenues, the absence of transparency, bad governance and the absence of democratic institutions.

This project is part of a Germany program "Traveling Models in Conflict Management ", financed by the Volkswagen Foundation via the Max Plank Institute.

His supervisors are Prof. Dr. Mirjam De Bruijn, Prof. Dr. Han Van Dijk, Dr. Andrea Behrends (Germany) and Prof. Khalil Alio (Chad)

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