Joshua Usman

Joshua Usman holds Master degrees in Language and Literature from both the University of Abuja and the University of Lagos, Nigeria, as well as a PhD in Literature from the Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. His areas of expertise include Cultural Studies, intertextuality, African orality and by extension applied linguistics in the field of forensic linguistics.

List of recent publications:

"African Folklore: a Catalyst in Contemporary African Fiction" (Literature). Issues in Language, Vol. 7 (1). Centre for Language Studies, University of Sarawak, Malaysia- Usman Joshua & Marius L. Crous-2017.

"Indigenous Narratives as Experimented Cinematic Texts". South African Journal of Folklore Studies. University of South Africa (UNISA).- Usman Joshua.

"Media Transformation of Oral Culture". Journal of Research and Development in Arts and Social Sciences (JRDASS), Federal University, Lokoja, Nigeria.