Joost Brouwer

PhD in Applied Soil Science, LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia, 1983. Principal Scientist (soil scientist, ago-ecologist) at ICRISAT Sahelian Center, Niger, 1990-1995. Involved since then in (West) Africa, in particular the Sahel and Niger, as a researcher and a consultant. Founder and scientific manager of the open-access, bi-lingual Niger Bird DataBase at Research interestes and key words:

- (short-distance) soil and crop growth variability and its effects on food security and nutrient use efficiency

– isolated wetlands in the Sahel, their use by farmers, pastoralists, fishermen, collectors of natural products, and biodiversity, as well as the threats to these wetlands

– Afro-tropical and Palearctic migratory birds in (West) Africa and Niger, including names and stories in local languages

Fellow member
Brouwer Envir. & Agric. Consultancy
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