Jasper Grosskurth

Jasper Grosskurth is specialized in African markets, futures studies and sustainability assessment. He studied
International Economic Studies and Psychology at Maastricht University and Trinity College Dublin.
Since July 2011, Jasper works as Director Research & Strategy at Research Solutions Africa Ltd in
Nairobi. He is responsible for business development, integrating primary and secondary research,
management of large projects and quality control.
From December 2007 to March 2011, Jasper worked as a futurist and project manager at the STT
Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends, the Hague, where he recently completed a 3 year
trans-disciplinary project with the launch of his book ‘Futures of Technology in Africa’.
(www.stt.nl/AfricanFutures). Other products of this project were a series of networks, workshops
and conferences, including the 1st Business Summit Netherlands-Africa.
In the summer of 2004, he co-founded futures studies consultancy Pantopicon bvba in Antwerp,
which he left 16 months later to work as freelance researcher, university lecturer and consultant.
After his graduation in August 2000 he worked for 4 years as a researcher at the International Centre
for Integrated Assessment and Sustainable Development (ICIS), Maastricht University. During this
time, he concentrated on regional participatory sustainability analysis with an emphasis on systems
methods for the integration of quantitative and qualitative information.
Jasper has an active business and academic network, especially in the Netherlands, Germany,
Nigeria and Kenya. Clients and partners, he has worked with include a large number of businesses
with an interest in Africa, such as Heineken, IBM, McKinsey, Rabobank, Vlisco and Unilever, as well
as Dutch and African SME’s, the European Environment Agency, Dutch and Belgian public sector
organisations and European academic institutions. Jasper has an energetic and outgoing character,
networks naturally and is a strong moderator, facilitator, presenter and discussant.

Professional experience
Since July 2011 Director Research & Strategy at Research Solutions Africa Ltd. Responsibilities include the management of a retail census in Nigeria, several studies of the East African SME sector and the process and quality control for a wide range of FMCG and social research projects.

2000-2008 PhD in Integrated Sustainability Assessment. Supervisors: Prof. dr. ir. Jan Rotmans (Drift, Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Prof. dr. Pim Martens (ICIS, Maastricht University).

Fellow member
Research Solutions Africa
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