Janvier Kini

  • PhD student in International Development Studies within the Governance and Inclusive Development Group/Amsterdam Institute for Social Sciences Research/University of Amsterdam
  • Doctor in Economics at the University Ouaga II Burkina Faso, since February 2016.
  • Researcher at the Health Sciences Research Institute (IRSS) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  • Director of the Centre d’Information, de Recherche et de formation d’Excellence (CIRFE), an non-governmental organisation in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Research areas

1. PhD Research title: Women food Entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso: Building Inclusive Business Models for Food Security in City Slums of Ouagadougou (2015-2019)

  • Inclusive Business models for food: my research focus here, are women in urban informal settlements who are key players in ensuring the community gets proper nutrition for their wellbeing. The focus is to understand and address the role of women as important actors who are often neglected in decision making that regards the urban food chain.
  • Women entrepreneurs- What are the unique constraints faced by women entrepreneurs in different localities, and what are the best ways to address these challenges.
  • Integration of indigenous knowledge and new innovative practices that will enhance food security: my focus here has been on the non-documented and localized traditional practices that have been used successfully in different communities and how modern science can be used to enhance and reinforce these practices

2. Agricultural Status of Households and food security in Burkina Faso, Doctorate thesis defended on 18 February 2016. This academic work has used quantitative analyse to deal with the relationship between agribusiness characteristics of farms and their food security level.

3. Pathways to Resilience in Semi-Arid Economies (PRISE) “Water Resources Management in Extremes”-Project. Water governance in semi-arid lands: political and economic insights for management of variability and extremes in a changing climate. This project is currently implementing in Burkina Faso and it makes me using the Water Resources Management, particularly in Extremes periods (floods and Drought).

4. Designing an Inclusive Water Poverty Index (IWPI) to be used in Post-2015 Water and Sanitation Programmes in Burkina Faso for the World Bank Group local Agency Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP)

5. PADev : Participatory Assessment of Development. I have been involved in this project for four years. This project allowed me learning, implementing the participatory and holistic research methodological particularly in Burkina Faso. I started learning interdisciplinary links in project implementation and evaluation through this methodology (www.padev.nl)

6. WAHARA research Project: Water Harvesting for Rainfed Africa. This project allowed me learning and using more about water and soil conservation technologies in an integrated way: irrigation water management, World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT).

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University of Amsterdam
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