Jaap Voeten

Jaap Voeten is currently responsible for the policy research component of a 4-years DFID research project entitled ‘Coordinated Case Studies – Innovation for Productivity Growth in Low Income Countries’ . The research aims to identify factors, institutions, and policies that can increase innovation and productivity in low income countries in Africa and Asia. Tilburg University is the lead partner in this project, which further involves Radboud University Nijmegen, Africa Study Centre and Technopolis as well as African and Asian university partners in the 10 case countries Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh. More info: www.tilburguniversity.edu/dfid-innovation-and-growth

Jaap Voeten obtained his PhD degree at Tilburg University in the field of responsible innovation. The thesis title: 'Understanding Responsible Innovation in Small Producers - Clusters in Northern Vietnam:A grounded theory approach to globalisation and poverty alleviation.' The thesis is downloadable via: http://www.econtrack.nl/onderzoek/detail/222/new-policy-for-responsible-innovation-in-developing-countries

Expertise: micro and small enterprise (informal sector) in developing countries, poverty alleviation, sustainable development, institutional development. 

Research methods: qualitative inquiry, grounded theory and Actor-Network Theory (ANT).


Fellow member
Tilburg University