Jaap Lengkeek

Emeritus professor Wageningen University
Jaap Lengkeek Scientific Research and Advice, Tourism, Heritage and Landscape.

Professor Dr. Jaap Lengkeek (1943) was chair of the Socio-Spatial Analysis Group of Wageningen University from 2000 until his retirement in December 2008.
He studied cultural anthropology and sociology at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in urban sociology. He graduated with distinction in 1973 with a thesis on the identity of a small village in the countryside (Twisk).
In 1994, he obtained his doctorate with distinction with a dissertation on de various social meanings of recreation and tourism. He was responsible for the Master’s programme Leisure, Tourism and Environment.
In 2002, he was appointed as professor of the Socio-Spatial Analysis group in Wageningen. Here, he supervised many Dutch and international PhD-students in the fields of tourism, nature and landscape experience, and cultural heritage.
Between 2006 and 2009, Jaap Lengkeek was president of the Research Committee International Tourism (RC50) of the International Sociological Association.
In 2010, he was appointed rector of NHTV, a temporary function he ended in the beginning of 2012.
He started Jaap Lengkeek Scientific Research and Advice on Tourism, Heritage and Landscape in 2008.

Supervision of completed PhD’s last five years:

Cross cultural confrontations in tourism’ (Vincent Platenkamp, 2008) ‘Leisure Landscapes’ (Marlies Brinkhuijsen 2008)

‘Feeling the landscape’, Research methods in landscape perception and experience (Dmitri Karmanov, 2009)

‘Public Natures’, Social reprentations of nature and local practices. (Arjan Buijs, 2009)

‘Recreation spatial behaviour in large nature areas’ (Ramona van Marwijk, 2010)

‘Meaning of public spaces and leisure in multi-ethnic neighbourhoods’ (Karin Peters, 2011)

Tourism, livelihoods and biodiversity. An assessment of tourism related policy interventions at Bwindi National Park Uganda (Wilber Ahebwa 2012)

Archaeological practices and legitimation of Western institutes in developing countries (Sjoerd van der Linde; with Leiden University).