Inge Ligtvoet

Inge Ligtvoet studied Dutch linguistics (BA) and African Studies at Leiden University (BA, ResMA). Since October 2012 she is working as a PhD student in the research programme Connecting in Times of Duress (Prof. Mirjam de Bruijn), on a sub-project that focuses on urban (middle class) youth in southern Nigeria. The project, provisionally entitled ‘Between expectations and opportunities: urban youth navigating duress in a globalized southern Nigeria’ looks at the ways in which these youth navigate their lives in a context of long-term socioeconomic uncertainty and political insecurity. Key to understanding this navigation, is the (global) connectedness of these young Nigerians through local networks and global connectivity, through ‘old’ and new ICTs.

Her main research field is Enugu in the southeast of Nigeria, but she has done a smaller part of her fieldwork in Calabar (south south) and Ibadan (southwest). Inge has spent a total of 21 months in the field since 2010. Her research is supervised by Prof. dr. Mirjam de Bruijn (Leiden University) and Prof. dr. Oka Obono (University of Ibadan).

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