Harry Verhoeven

Prof. Harry Verhoeven is at the Center on Global Energy Policy, School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University. He is the founder and Convenor of the Oxford University China-Africa Network (OUCAN) and also remains an Associate Member of the Department of Politics and International Relations of the University of Oxford. He is a Senior Adviser at the European Institute of Peace. He is the author of two monographs: Water, Civilisation and Power in Sudan. The Political Economy of Military-Islamist State Building (Cambridge University Press) and Why Comrades Go To War. Liberation Politics and the Outbreak of Africa's Deadliest Conflict (with Philip Roessler, Oxford University Press/Hurst).

He is also the editor of two books: Environmental Politics in the Middle East. Local Struggles, Global Connections (Oxford University Press/Hurst) and Beyond Liberal Order: States, Societies and Markets in the Global Indian Ocean (with Anatol Lieven, Oxford University Press/Hurst). He has also edited the following special issues: Marx and Lenin in Africa and Asia: Socialism(s) and Socialist Legacies (for Third World Quarterly) and Water Security in Africa in the Age of Global Climate Change (for Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences).

Harry holds a PhD from the University of Oxford. He was a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Politics and International Studies of the University of Cambridge. He has collaborated extensively with policy actors, including the World Bank, the European Union, various agencies of the United Nations, governments in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America and non-governmental organisations. For more than a decade, he has served as an expert witness in various legal cases pertaining to mass atrocities, development-induced displacement and human rights violations in various African states.