Giulia Sinatti

International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University: Research Fellow

I originally trained as a sociologist and then became involved in interdisciplinary research that speaks also to anthropology, human geography and political science. My work is concerned with migration and patterns of transnational mobility, with a particular focus on migration between Africa and Europe. I have published extensively on this issue, variously addressing migrants’ own perspectives on their migration experience and the perspectives of policymakers. My work has covered: the gendered implications of transnational migration; migration governance; diaspora engagement for homeland development; role of migrants in civil conflict and peace-building; migration and urban transformation; migration, belonging and identification; safety and fear in ethnically diverse cities. Alongside academic commitments, I also regularly serve as a consultant on migration to various UN and inter-governmental agencies, NGOs and migrant organisations.

Keywords: migration-development linkages; human development and human security; transnational mobility and return migration; civil society engagement; diasporas, peace and conflict; ethnicity and nationalism; cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism; security and fear in urban settings.