Getie Gelaye

Research Interest: African Studies, African folklore, African languages and culture, African popular culture and musical performance; digitization, documentation, preservation and analysis of African oral literature and Poetic Genres; a comparative study of African Praise Poetry; the role of oral literature in contemporary African society, socio-political issues as depicted in songs and poems; oral traditions, culture and history of Northeast Africa, safeguarding and documentation of Ethiopian poetic genres, patriotic songs and heroic recitals, resistance poetry, applied folklore and tourism, culture and development, promotion of African indigenous knowledge and oral heritage, multicultural and multilingual education in Africa, modern Ethiopian literature, analyzing Amharic chronicles and historical texts; documentation and study of Azmari (traditional poet musicians) in Ethiopia; Initiator and Co-ordinator of the multidisciplinary and multifunctional research center called: Abbay Research Center for Culture and Developmet Studies (ARC), based at Bahir Dar University, North-West Ethiopia.

Fellow member
Department of African and Ethiopian Studies, Asia-Africa-Institute, University of Hamburg
Expertise on: