Gaynor Paradza

Gaynor Paradza has a PhD in Law and Governance form Wageningen University. Gaynor has experience with respect to land and agrarian reform, policy development and management in in relation to rural and urban development planning, local government administration and management, decentralisation (rethinking governance), research design and analysis, gender, linking farmers to markets, large scale investments in land and livelihood, vulnerability. Gaynor is currently employed as Senior Researcher at PLAAS University of the Western Cape and a Southern Africa Hub coordinator for Future Agricultures Consortium. She has worked with and in national, provincial and local level government, NGOs and partners in the international donor community. Gaynor’s professional background spans across rural and urban planning, education, law and governance. She has also formulated and managed regional policy programmes, fund raising and disseminated information through advocacy and extensive participation in conferences and publication.

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