Friday Mufuzi

I completed my secondary school education in 1977 and thereafter did a Secondary School Teachers’ Diploma (Science) at Copperbelt Teachers’ College in Kitwe, Zambia; which I obtained in 1980. Subsequently I began teaching (General Science, Environmental Science, Biology and Chemistry) at Sesheke Secondary School, in western Zambia. Later, I read for a BA.Ed (History single major) which I completed in 1992; MA (History) and PhD (History) which I completed in 2002 and 2010 respectively. All my degree programmes were done at the University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia. I was also trained as an examiner in the School Certificate, History paper One (African history).  

Following the completion of my first degree, I began teaching History, in addition to science related subjects in different Zambian Secondary Schools. Whilst serving as a teacher, I held positions such as Class-master, House-master, Head of Department (Social Sciences), and Acting Deputy Headmaster.

In 2001, I resigned from the Ministry of Education and joined the National Museums Board of Zambia as Keeper of History at Livingstone Museum, rising to positions of Senior Keeper and Acting Director. In April 2013, I was transferred to Lusaka National Museum in the same capacity where later on, I was confirmed as Director.

In the same year (2013), I was awarded a three months (April to June) Fellowship to the Africa Study Centre, Leiden, the Netherlands to help me transform my PhD thesis Entitled: “The Livingstone Museum and its Contribution to Zambian History, 1934 – 2006" into a book entitled: Knowledge from our Ancestors: The Livingstone Museum and its Contribution to Zambian History since 1934”. This Fellowship was phenomenon to me as besides giving me an opportunity to work in a tranquil and enabling environment, it afforded me chance to work with scholars from different parts of the world from who I learnt quite a lot concerning the discipline of history and how its practitioners work, particularly regarding issues of objectivity in historical research and writing. Currently, I am still working on my book project.

As a Keeper, I have written storylines for temporary and permanent exhibition which I also curated. These include:

2011: Bana Kazungula: A Peep into the history of the people of Kazungula District, Pre-colonial to Contemporary Times (Temporary Exhibition).
2009 – 2010: Football: The Universal language as told through the history of football in Zambia up to 2008 (Temporary Exhibition)
2004 – 2005: The Story of Man in Zambia, c.1550 – 2001 (Permanent Exhibition).
2004 – 2005: The David Livingstone Exhibition, 1813 – 1874 (Permanent Exhibition)
2002: Emile Holub: Czech and Austrian Explorer of the 19th Century mounted by the Czech and Austrian Republics in conjunction with Livingstone Museum. “I wrote “Notes on Dr Emile Holub’s expeditions in southern-central Africa being a supplement to the exhibition (Temporary Exhibition).
2002: A Photographic Exhibition on the history of the Asian Community in Livingstone, 1905 – mid 1990s (Temporary Exhibition).

Currently, I am supervising the mounting of new permanent exhibitions in the Archaeology, Ethnography and History Galleries at Lusaka National Museum.

My research interests include social, economic and political history of Indians in colonial Zambia and the contribution of public history as practiced in museums to academic history and vice versa.

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