Francis Wepngong Ndi

Self Employed Linguistic Consultant: MultiSpeech Consultancy
Volunteer: Diaconie Franstalige Afrikanen Leiden

Between 1989 to 2004, Francis Wepngong obtained his BA (English Language and French Option), Maitrise; Lettres Modernes Anglais and Diplôme des Etudes Approfondies (DEA) Modern Language Studies: Discourse Analysis and Sociolinguistics at University of Yaounde I.He also obtained a Research Masters (MPhil) in Semantics from Leiden University in August 2008 from the program Structure and Variation in the Languages of the World.

On self-employed basis, he is working under the identity of MultiSpeech Consultancy Leiden, The Netherlands, where he does translation and interpretation from French to English and English to French, French to Dutch and Dutch to  French or English or Pidgin English as well as linguistic analyses. Moreover, he is active with the African Anaphora Research as a consultant for Limbum. At the Diaconie Centrum de Bakkerij, Leiden, he does intake for French migrants with various problems. Contacts lawyers, hospitals, churches and Vluchtelingenwerk Leiden according to needs of target group and further writes reports on migrants’ needs.

His research interests include (a) Semantics, (b) Pragmatics, (c) Discourse Analysis and (d) Sociolinguistics.

Key words: Research, Linguistics, Language and Culture

Associate member
MultiSpeech Consultancy
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