Francis C. Agu

Director of African Diaspora Healthcare Ethics Center.

Francis Agu is a bioethicist whose initial interest in social ethics led him to the 2009 masters study at Radboud University Nijmegen whereby he has defined an acceptable ethical foundation in a postmodern society like Nigeria. His second masters (bioethics) in 2012 has been part of an European Commission sponsored program, and the course was spread over RU Nijmegen Netherlands, Leuven University Belgium and Padova University Italy.

Within the healthcare ethics policy featuring the Four Principles of Medical Ethics, Agu is spurred on by the ongoing debate about giving some other principles more recognition in healthcare policies. In his bioethics thesis, he has explored the conceptual and ethical analysis of overlapping factors related to healthy aging policies. Here, the background problem links two separate reports on the concepts of vulnerability and functioning independently: both reports on healthy aging explicate separate and interwoven research findings by the Health Council of the Netherlands (HCN) in 2009 and Social Cultural Plan office (SCP) in 2011.

Presently Agu investigates how bioethics can evolve in Africa, starting from Nigeria, knowing that the existing approach is not comprehensive enough, and that integration of ethics in research is pivotal for Africa to reap the benefits of healthcare ethics as in the West. Agu heads the African Diaspora Healthcare Ethics Center.

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African Diaspora Healthcare Ethics Center
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