Eileen Moyer

After completing her PhD (2003, University of Amsterdam), Eileen Moyer began working as a lecturer in the Amsterdam Masters in Medical Anthropology program and as a post-doctoral researcher in the AIDS Medicines in Resource Poor Settings (now Anthropology of AIDS in the 21 st Century) research group at the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, both at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2004 she has coordinated and managed five externally funded international research projects within the AIDS in the 21 st Century research group. In October 2008, she was appointed as an assistant professor in cultural and medical anthropology in the Sociology and Cultural Anthropology department. She continues her research, which focuses mainly on HIV/AIDS, youth, and urbanizing Africa, as a member of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, and is currently the research coordinator and project manager for the WOTRO-funded IntegratedProgram, Filling the Gap: Social institutions and AIDS in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia.   Her current research focuses on HIV patient activism in eastern Africa.

For her PhD research Eileen Moyer did extensive anthropological fieldwork on the social worlds and health concerns of poor urban street youth in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Since, she has been involved in comparative studies of access to health care for marginalized communities, focusing on HIV-related care and treatment, and sexual and reproductive health more generally among migrant populations. These studies involve anthropological fieldwork in diverse socio-cultural settings and at multiple levels: global, national and local. Most of her research has focused on eastern Africa, but she has also worked in Haiti and China.  Eileen Moyer has contributed to the development of community level participatory research methodologies and frameworks for use in applied settings and developed theoretical frameworks for analyzing the long-term societal impact of HIV on communities in high prevalence settings. She has also been involved in the training and guiding of researchers and in the comparative analysis of results from multi-sited research.  Currently, Eileen Moyer coordinates research activities and conducts her own research on community-based health activism within the international research program: Anthropology of AIDS in the 21 st Century (see also http://www2.fmg.uva.nl/assr/aids/).  The following gives an overview of her main research contributions since 2004:


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