Dianah Ngui Muchai

Dianah Ngui Muchai is a performance driven professional with experience and expertise in teaching, directing and controlling economic and policy research, in both private and public sectors. She holds a PhD in Economics from Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. Currently, she is a senior lecturer at the Department of Econometrics & Statistics at Kenyatta University’s School of Economics, where she chairs both the program/curriculum review and research committees. She has been involved in teaching and training of both undergraduate and post-graduate students both from other African countries through her involvement in the AERC Joint Facility for Electives (JFE) training program.

In terms of research, Dianah Ngui Muchai has worked as a policy analyst at the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research & Analysis (KIPPRA) and consulted with and for both international and local organizations. She has also undertaken research with global think tanks such as the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) and the UNU-WIDER. Her main areas of research are industrial economics, policies and enterprise performance having extensively researched and published on industrial policy, firm efficiency, technology adoption, energy consumption and demand analysis.

Recent publications:

2018: Ngui, D. and Kimuyu, P.: Prospects for Information and Communication Technology-Enabled Services in Kenya: The case of the Mobile Money Transfer Industry. Newfarmer, R.S., Page, J., and Tarp, F.(eds). Industries without Smokestacks: Industrialization in Africa Considered. Oxford University Press, Pp. 213 - 231

2016: Ngui, D. Chege, J., and Kimuyu, P.: Kenya’s Industrial Development: Policies, Performance, and Prospects. Newman, C., Page, J., Rand, J., Shimeles, A., Söderbom, M. and Tarp, F.(eds) Manufacturing Transformation: Comparative Studies of Industrial Development in Africa and Emerging Asia. Oxford University Press,  Pp. 72 - 91

Muchai, D. N. & Muchai, J. (2016) ‘Fiscal Policies and Capital Flight in Kenya’ African Development Review. Vol. 28, No. S1. Pp. 8 - 21. Blackwell

Ogada, M. J., Muchai, D., Mwabu, G. and Mathenge, M. (2014): Technical Efficiency of Kenya’s Smallholder Food Crop Farmers: Do Environmental Factors Matter? Environment, Development and Sustainability, 16:5, pp 1065 -1076. Springer


Associate member
Kenyatta University