Desh Chisukulu

Desh Chisukulu received his Masters in African Studies from the Leiden University in the Netherlands, having completed an extensive masters thesis on the socio-economical impact of mining in Lumwana in the North-western Province of Zambia. As part of this research, Desh reconsidered the changing roles of traditional authorities, the government and multinational companies. 

Prior to studying African Studies, Desh has been working as an independent artist in Zambia, South Africa & the Netherlands. Hecompleted his BA degree in ArtScience from the inter-faculty of the Royal Academy of Arts & the Royal Conservatory in the Hague and the Media Technology Department of the University of Leiden. As creative director for stichting Kambisa!BeHeard, he has been organizing cultural exchange projects for artists and students in Zambia and the Netherlands.

Desh is currently focusing on obtaining a PhD position. His research interests include socio-economic developments and mining in Zambia, society-environment relations, sustainable development, cultural identity & arts

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