Dadak Ndokobai

Dadak Ndokobai is currently a visiting PhD student in African Linguistics in his 2nd year at LUCL. His research focuses on Chadic Languages spoken in the Northern parts of Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria. His present work is to write a usage-based grammar of Cuvok with focus on documenting the endangered social role of blacksmiths of the Tchouvok community.

Ndokobai was educated at the University of Yaoundé I where he earned a Masters degree in Linguistics in 2006. He was also trained at the Ecole normale supérieure de Yaoundé (2001 - 2003) as a Bilingual teacher and he worked for 5 years teaching English in Higher school with the Cameroon Government. In 2007, he began to work with SIL and CABTAL in Maroua as a linguist. He also implemented literacy classes in some undereducated communities and he worked as a community mobilizer, literacy coordinator and projects coordinator for the past 9 years.

His area of interest includes descriptive linguistics, computational linguistics, linguistics documentation and sociolinguistics, language policy and language of education.

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Leiden University
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