Collins Ogutu Miruka

Collins Ogutu Miruka is the current Head: School of Economic and Management Sciences, Sol Plaatje University, South Africa. Hisresearch interest is in the area of concrete technology, with specialities in sustainable and durable construction, value-added reuse/recycling/reconstitution of wastes and low energy/low emission cements. Miruka has many years of experience in Higher Education and is presently involved in the building of collaborative research with industry involving SMEs in concrete manufacturing.

He have proven leadership skills and extensive administrative, organizational, and management experience in teaching, course development and assessment, mentoring students, developing new curriculum and research programs, securing research grants, fundraising, industry collaboration, organizing conferences and workshops, and community involvement.

Miruka's present focus is on knowledge dissemination and the promotion of Cleaner Production practices in cement manufacture.He is also looking at the role of cement content in specifying concrete and value-added use of waste materials. He enjoys mentoring construction companies with the aim of giving them cutting edge insights on cleaner production practices.

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North West University, South Africa
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