Clemens Lutz

Clemens Lutz has a degree in economics from the University of Amsterdam. After his studies he worked several years in Bénin (Africa) in the framework of a cooperation between the University of Amsterdam and the University of Cotonou. In 1994 he finished his PhD at the University of Amsterdam entitled “The functioning of the maize market in Benin: spatial and temporal arbitrage on the market of a staple food crop”.

In 1994 he joined Groningen University. First the faculty of Economics and later the Faculty of Management. At present he is Associate Professor of Small Business Economics in the faculty of Economics and Business.

His present research focuses on strategic management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and SMEs in developing countries in particular. Clemens Lutz is involved in research projects on:

- Strategic Resources for SMEs in global Value Chains

- Smallholders in the Global Value Chain of Pangasius in Vietnam

- Smallholders in the Global Value Chain of Sesame in Ethiopia

- Trade Credit in the Rice Market of Tanzania

- Gender and Business Growth in Tanzania

- Entry Barriers and Real Entry of SMEs in the Netherlands 


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University of Groningen
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