Chuks Ossai

I have an academic background in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation for Land Administration (MSc) obtained from the University of Twente (ITC) in Enschede the Netherlands. I am Executive Director of the Poverty Alleviation Network and Self Dependence Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Nigeria established to contribute to the alleviation of poverty through the advocacy, enlightenment campaigns, capacity building, skills acquisition, interventions through projects and programmes, charity services and Research tailored towards community development.

My research include identifying and mapping pastoralists migration corridors in Nigeria, investigating the roles of mediators in resolving land conflicts between pastoralists and farmers, spatial extents of pastoralists’ migration corridors and the temporal aspects of pastoralists’ seasonal migration in Nigeria, understand pastoralists with their grazing practices and farmers with their cultivation practices that have led to the conflicts between them and how the conflicts have been resolved with  special on Nigeria.

Author of a Book Titled “The Groaning of the People - The Way Forward”. Published in 2000
Author of the book “Transforming Nigeria from Poverty”. Published in 2013


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