Christine Oppong

BA; MA;  Ph D. Soc. Anth. Cambridge; MA African Studies, University  of Ghana.
Fellow of the Ghana Academy  of Arts  and Sciences; Fellow  of  the Royal Anthropological Institute.
Recently awarded a plaque  for  services  to the  development  of  research  and  teaching  over  twenty  five  years in  the Institute  of African Studies, University  of Ghana, Legon, Accra.
For  some  time  a  research anthropologist and  technical  and policy  adviser, Gender, Population  and Development  in  the Employment  and Development Department  of  the  International Labour Organization, Geneva.
NIAS Fellow 2000-1 & 2003.
Has  embarked on publishing a  series  of  volumes on  fifty  years  of  family  change -  focusing  on Ghana  and  the United Kingdom.

Fellow member
University of Ghana & Wolfson College Cambridge
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