Bob Hendriks

Bob Hendriks is an international researcher and consultant with a PhD in Urban Livelihoods, Institutions and Inclusive Governance with the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam and a Master in Public Administration with the Radboud University Nijmegen. He has over 24 years’ professional experience in the capacities of Affiliated Researcher of academic and applied inter- and transdisciplinary research with geography, urban/regional planning and international Development departments at ITC/Twente University, Utrecht University, IHS/Erasmus University, University of Nairobi, and Tangaza Institue, Catholic University of Eastern Africa; Explorer of Emerging Innovations through experiments, modelling and upscaling with networks, knowledge organisations, local initiatives, businesses, governments; and Team Leader/Expert of large-scale international donor financed integrated urban and institutional development projects.

His main fields of specialisation are urban governance, urban development, urban transformation, institutions, urban and regional planning, co-production, capacity development, and inclusive/equitable/sustainable development. Most of his work in these fields has been revolving around sustainable urban infrastructures, pro-poor (local) economic development, responsible land governance, urban regeneration, social housing, water & sanitation, informal settlement improvement, social justice, human rights, gender. However, he is also interested in broader issues in development (knowledge co-production, political economy, formal-informal institutions, financialization), urbanization (smart cities, urban politics, migration, urban dynamics & informality) and geography (socio-spatial development, resilient cities, urban metabolism).

He has long term experience in building trustful and collaborative relations with public, private and civic sector stakeholders at all levels. He has proven leadership experience; is dedicated to coaching, inspiring, continuous and open dialogue, collaboration across silos for concrete results; promotes adaptive and transformative change. He is familiar with procedures and operations of donor agencies, incl. UN-Habitat, World Bank, EU, AfD, SIDA, KfW, EU-AITF, NWO, Nuffic.

Countries of experience include: East and Southern Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, South-Africa), West Asia (Turkey), Central America (Mexico), and Europe (Netherlands, Germany).