Arnold Pannenborg

Coordinator International Office
Faculty of Sciences
VU University Amsterdam

Arnold Pannenborg (1976) studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. In 2003, he performed fieldwork in Cameroon during which he became acquainted with the spiritual rituals that are so prevalent in African football. In 2008, he enrolled as a PhD candidate at Tilburg University. Performing fieldwork in Ghana in 2008/09 and Cameroon in 2009/10, he focused on the management side of the African game. He earned his PhD in October 2012 after having successfully defended his dissertation at Tilburg University. Arnold also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Copywriting and he has worked as an editor for various websites and magazines.

Key words: football, management, religion, politics, finances, corruption, violence, international player market, Big Men, Ghana, Cameroon

Fellow member
VU University Amsterdam
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