Andrea Stultiens

Somehow I am not completely at ease with calling myself a photographer, or an artist. Instead I describe myself as someone doing things with photographs. I make them, collect them, look at them, think and write about them. Sometimes I make the results of this visible for the rest of the world online, in books or in exhibitions. All of this is aimed at telling relevant stories about the way we relate to the other and how we deal with our own culture while it is also a continuing research into how we represent ourselves and other people in photographs.

When I realized that my photographs are only one take on the world that is female, of a certain time and place and with eyes at about 1.6 meters high, I started to work with archival material. Images that I found added other dimensions in time and perspective to the photographs I made. At the moment my work often starts with an existing collection of photographs, or at least an existing story that I try to tell by editing and adding to what is already there.

The work I do focuses at the moment on the value of visual documentation of individual lives in the creation of alternative versions of the representation of history and culture. In 2011 I initiated the archival platform HIPUganda that operates online, publishes and organizes exhibitions.  

Since 2013 I am a doctoral student at PhDarts (Leiden University/Royal Academy of Art The Hague). I will develop a series of visual narratives, based on photo collections I encountered and digitised in Uganda. Each one of the four lives has a relation to (a place or places in) Africa.

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PhDArts, Universiteit Leiden – KABK Den Haag

Photographic Studies, Universiteit Leiden – KABK Den Haag, MA 2012

Post St. Joost, Academie St. Joost Breda, MFA 2001

Fotografisch ontwerp, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, BFA 1998


Docent fotografie en theorie en onderzoeker aan Akademie Minerva, Groningen

Docent fotografie KABK Den Haag

Lectures, workshops, presentations at both formal and informal and educational institutes among which MA photography London College of Communication, 2011; Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford, 2012; Bayimba Cultural Foundation, Kampala 2011-2012; Picha, Lubumbashi, Congo, 2013; Asiko Art school 2013 (in Accra, organised by Foundation for Contemporary Art Accra and Center for Contemporary Art Lagos); Photo departament, St Petersburg, 2013;  and Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester NY, 2013.


UL & KABK The Hague
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