Ahmed Mathobe

Ahmed Mathobe has a Bachelors degree in International Public management (IPM) from the Hague University of Applied Sciences and an MSc in Public Administration, Economics, and Governance from Leiden Unversity. His studies and research projects focus on wide-ranging topics and issues such as conflict; peacebuilding, state-building, governance, policy, politics, and history specifically in the Horn of Africa (HoA). His research interest is in the area of post-conflict peacebuilding and state-building, politics and history of HoA.

Ahmed Mathobe is currently pursuing a PhD.

Previous research projects include:
The Impact of International Intervention in Conflicts: the Case of Somalia (2001-2016)
The Emergence of Multiple Somali Polities: From Grandiose Pan-Somalism to Retreat into Clan Enclaves


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