Adegboye Adeyanju

Adegboye Adeyanju was educated at the Universities in Jos and Abuja. He has had very rich and versatile teaching experience, first at the University of Jos-Nigeria and later at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Since 2007, he has since been on the teaching staff of the University of Abuja-Nigeria. His teaching areas are: Discourse Analysis, General Linguistics, English Linguistics, English Phonetics and Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Dialectology, Modern English Grammar.

His research areas are: research areas are: Applied Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Systemic Functional Grammar, Genre and Register Theory, Language of Religion, Advertising.

Recent publications:

Adeyanju, A (Forthcoming mid 2019a) ‘Linguistic Factors in Intergroup Relations and Democratic Governance in Nigeria: The Past, Present Reality and Future Challenges’ in Rotimi Taiwo,Dipo Babalola, Niyi Ayeononi and Bukola Omigbule and  (Editors)  The Intersections of Linguistic and Literary Discourses: Essays in Honour of Bolaji Aremo. Ile Ife-Nigeria:Obafemi Awolowo University Press

Adeyanju, A (2018a) ‘Between Adequacy and Expediency: A Comparative Assessment of the General Studies English Programme in Nigerian Polytechnics and Universities’ In A. Osisanwo, I. Olaosun, & I. Odebode (Eds.), Discourse-stylistics,Sociolinguistics and Society–A Festschrift for Ayo Ogunsiji. Ibadan: Stirling-Horden Publishers Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-63484-121-4 e-book,pp 169-186

Adeyanju, A  (Publication due early -2020a) ‘Re-Awakening Consciousness on Linguistic Right among Indigenous Population in Central Nigeria’, Chapter Four, in Victor A.O.Adetula, (Editor), Citizenship, Equity Question and National Integration in Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal: CODESRIA Publication

Adeyanju, A (2016a) ‘Discourse of Online Preaching: A Stylo-linguistic Analysis of  Pastor ‘Tunde Bakare’s Sermons on Religion, Politics and Poverty in Nigeria’ Chapter 9, in Rotimi Taiwo and ‘Tunde Opeibi (Editors) Discourse of Digital Civic Engagement: Perspectives from the Developing World, New York: Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-63484-120-7-Hardcover/ ISBN: 978-1-63484-121-4 e-book,pp 169-186

Adeyanju, A (2016b) ‘Symbols and Not Manifestoes are the Selling Point Here: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Two Contemporary Nigerian Political Parties’ Images and Slogans’, Chapter 15, in Daniel Orwenjo and Ahmed Asiru Tunde (Editors), Political Discourse in Emergent, Fragile, and Failed Democracies, Hershey, PA: IGI Global Publishers, ISBN:  9781522500810 -Hardcover/ ISBN: 9781522500827 e-book pp 265-285

Adeyanju, A  (Forthcoming late-2018c) with Obasanjo K.Sanni ‘Theories of Morphology’, Chapter 3, in Francis Egbokhare (Edited)  Contemporary Studies in Language Studies, Ibadan-Nigeria:  University of Ibadan,

Adeyanju, A (2014a) ‘Language, Reality, Religion, and Politics in Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God and  A Man of the People ,Chapter 3, in Umelo Ojinmah, Ndubusi Osuagwu and James Ile (Editors) Essays for the Eagle on the Iroko: Gendenkschrift for Professor Chinua Achebe,  Enugu-Nigeria: Rossen Publications Ltd, pp 40-57, ISBN: 978-978-49183-4-3