Abubakarr Bangura

Abubakarr Bangura (1977) is a business consultant who has devoted his professional career to boosting business opportunities in emerging markets by matching the expertise and experience from developed markets with unattended industries in developing countries.

His long experience in bringing organizations together in  partnerships, his consulting record in the Dutch commercial arena, and his insightful knowledge of Africa and Europe, now all crystalize in his ambition to set up one the most innovative and pioneering ventures of the Netherlands and Sierra Leone.

Mr. Bangura is well-positioned to lead this transnational venture for, on the one hand, he is very well integrated into Dutch society, speaks excellent Dutch, and is very familiar with all relevant Dutch institutions.

On the other hand, he is strongly committed to the further improvement of living conditions in Sierra Leone and to the integration of Sierra Leone into international flows of investment, knowledge exchange, tourism, and trade.

Mr. Bangura has great communication skills, can easily identify opportunities, and is keen to help companies and Sierra Leone Diaspora in Europe to realize their aspirations.

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