Hudita Nura Mustafa

Hudita Nura Mustafa is an anthropologist whose research concerns urban and transnational processes in West Africa and related global sites.
Her projects range from an intensive ethnography of Dakar's informal sector of artisanal tailoring to the study of the spatial mobility of Somali refugees in a London neighborhood and a multi-sited study on contemporary African art. Her methods are both place-based and multi-sited, bridge the humanities and social sciences, and attend to questions of gender, socioeconomic differentiation, and religion.
Given her interest in global processes, the longue durée as well as the contemporary world, she is in interested in African articulations with East and South Asia and the broader Muslim world. Another area of interest is the histories of knowledge production in anthropology and African studies. While at the ASC, she will work on emerging actors, networks, markets and knowledge in the context of changing relations- geopolitical, commercial and cultural- between India and Africa.


Fellowship year: 
Dr. H.N. (Hudita) Mustafa
Former visiting fellow