Heleen Smits

Heleen SmitsHeleen Smits's work as information specialist focuses on facilitating access to African Studies resources and meeting the information needs of ASC library users. She selects, catalogues, indexes and abstracts publications, including articles from periodicals, for the library's online catalogue and the abstracts journal, African Studies Abstracts Online. Her tasks also include the development and maintenance of the African Studies Thesaurus and overseeing the overall consistency of subject indexing.

H. (Heleen) Smits
+31 (0)71 527 3355
Room number: 0.B43
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The locative-applicative suffix in Lumun
H. Smits
Editors: T.C. Schadeberg; R.M. Blench
Type of Publication: Book Chapter

The prefix /ɔ́/ in Lumun kinship terms and personal names
H. Smits
Type of Publication: Journal Article

Lumun noun classes and number
H. Smits
Editors: R. Kramer; H. Tröbs; R. Kastenholz
Type of Publication: Book Chapter

'The locative-applicative suffix in Lumun'
In: T.C. Schadeberg; R.M. Blench: 'Nuba mountain language studies', Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 2013.

'Lumun noun classes and number'
In: R. Kramer; H. Tröbs; R. Kastenholz: 'Afrikanische Sprachen im Fokus: linguistische Beiträge zum 19. Afrikanistentag, Mainz, 8. - 10. April 2010', Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 2011.

'The prefix /ɔ́/ in Lumun kinship terms and personal names'
in: Occasional papers in the study of Sudanese languages, no. 10, pp. 95 - 113, 2012.