Hassan Juma Ndzovu

Purpose of the Visit: To review his PhD thesis for the purpose of possible publication.

Hassan J. Ndzovu has just completed his Ph.D studies (Religion) at the University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. His Ph.D disserataion project was entitled, "Religion and Politics: A Critical Study of the Politicization of Islam in Kenya." This dissertation project was funded by Humanities Collaborative Research Centre (SFB/FK) of the University of Bayeuth, Germany. Hassan Ndzovu has been teaching in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Moi university, since 2001. Some of the works published by the visiting fellow are:

"Muslims Relations in the Politics of Nationalism and Secessionism in Kenya", PAS Working Papers, Number 18, ISSN Print 1949-0283, ISSN Online 1949-0291, Northwestern University, 2009.

"Muslims and Party Politics and Electoral Campaigns in Kenya", in Souleymane Bachir Diagne and M. Sani Umar (editors), Islam and Public Sphere in Africa. (Northwestern University, ISITA (2008), pp. 106-118.

"Religion in the Political Culture of Kenya", in Johannes A. Smit and P. Pratap Kumar (editors), Study of Religion in Southern Africa: Essays in Honour of G.C.Oosthuizen. (Leiden: Brill, 2005), pp. 171-190.

"Building a Culture of Peace Through Reconciliation: An Islamic View", in Mary Getui and Wasye Musyoni (editors), Overcoming Violence: A Faith Based Response. (Nairobi: National Council of Churches of Kenya Publication, 2003), pp. 150-164.

Areas of research interests are: Interaction of Religion (Islam) and Politics; The role of Islam on emerging contemporary issues; Islam and Human Rights; Religion and Media.

Fellowship year: 
Dr. H.J. (Hassan) Ndzovu
Former visiting fellow