Etanislas Ngodi

Dr Etanislas Ngodi, a Congolese national, is a specialist in political violence and social movement in Congo Brazzaville. His interests revolve around militias, crisis and youth and his publications include: 'Youth, Political Militia and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Congo Brazzaville' in African Social and Human Sciences Journal (No. 3, 2003), and Milicianisation and Political Engagement in Congo Brazzaville, (Paris: l'Harmattan 2006). Dr Ngodi is currently coordinating the Network on Migration and Development in Central Africa (REMIDAC) and collaborating with many other organizations. He is member of CODESRIA, AEGIS, EADI, IUSSP, UEPA, AIDELF and ANI.
During his fellowship at the ASC, he will be working on a research project entitled: 'Resistance and Social Actors in Congo Brazzaville: The Case of the Nsilulu Movement'.

Fellowship year: 
Dr. E. (Etanislas) Ngodi
Former visiting fellow