Emmanuel Nyankweli

Emmanuel NyankweliEmmanuel Nyankweli (PhD in Development Studies, AISSR- University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is currently a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Rural Development Planning in Dodoma Tanzania. He instructs various courses in project planning and management, project management theories and practices, agricultural development planning, strategic planning and integrated rural development planning for both undergraduates and Postgraduates. He is also a visiting Lecturer at the St. John’s University of Tanzania, Mazengo Campus, Dodoma, where he lectures in Population and Development, Public Policy as well as Social Conflict Management and Resolutions for Postgraduates in Development Studies. His Research interests are on the China-Africa trade relations, climate change and Environment, African Mineral Resource economies and Governance of Non-state Socio-protection services. At present Emmanuel is finalizing a research paper on ‘communicating climate change to small-holder farmers in Dodoma Tanzania: opportunities and obstacles to mitigation of climate change impacts’.

Fellowship year: 
Dr. E. (Emmanuel) Nyankweli
Former visiting fellow
+31 71 5276013
Room number: 3A13