Eliakim Sibanda

Dr. Eliakim Sibanda is an Associate Professor of History and Director of the Institute of Human Rights and Global Studies at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he teaches Africa History and Human Rights and Global Studies courses. He received his Ph.D. in Social Change - specializing on human rights- from Denver University and Iliff School of Theology and a second Ph.D. in History from the University of Colorado in Boulder, United States. Sibanda's research interest areas are: African Liberation Movements, History of Agrarian Policies (focus on communal land tenure and Peasant Agriculture), Biographical History; Oral History; Migration and Migrant Labour History of Southern Africa; Ethnicity, Race, Gender and Class in 20th Southern Africa. His latest book publication is The Zimbabwe African People's Union, 1961-1987: A Political History of Insurgency in Southern Rhodesia, 2005. Dr. Sibanda's latest article publications were three contributions to a peer-reviewed International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest published in 2008 by Wiley Blackwell. Currently, Sibanda is writing a book on one of the prominent Zimbabwean Nationalists and Statesmen, Dr. Joshua Nkomo. Sibanda is well travelled and has spoken and taught as a visiting professor at several Colleges and Universities around the world. His country of birth is Zimbabwe.

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Dr. E. (Eliakim) Sibanda
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