Collins Miruka

Collins MerukaCollins Miruka is currently a professor of Management Sciences at the Graduate School of Business and Government Leadership, North West University – Mafikeng Campus in South Africa. He mainly researches and lectures on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship development as well as on Leadership and Negotiation Strategies. He has published widely in his field of expertise and has supervised many Masters and Doctoral research dissertations. Collins also runs a budding consultancy firm, Rufire Consulting, undertaking work both in South Africa and in Kenya. Rufire Consulting offers services in the Field of Public and Development Management, Climate Change Adaptation, as well as in the Energy-based Development approaches. I am presently finalizing a research paper on enriching the narrative resources of the Kenyan trade union movement while based at the African Studies Centre, Leiden, the Netherlands.

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Dr. C.O. (Collins) Miruka
Former visiting fellow
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Room number: 3A13