Bekele Gutema Jebessa

Bekele GutemaBekele Gutema is an associate professor of philosophy at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He obtained his PhD. from the University of Vienna in 1998 with a dissertation titled “The Contribution of African Philosophy to Contemporary Philosophy. In addition to teaching he served the Addis Ababa University in different positions including, Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Chair Department of Philosophy and others.

His research interest is in the areas of African philosophy, intercultural philosophy, social and political philosophy and the university as an institution.

His recent publications include:

“Some Thoughts on the African University” in Gutema, B. and Verharen, C. (eds.) Philosophy in Africa Now: African Philosophy in Ethiopia. Washington, DC. The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy. (2013) 17-28.

 “Afrikanische Philosophy und Interkulturelle Philosophie”. In Franz Gmainer Pranzel und Anke Graness (Hrsg.) Perspektiven interkulturellen Philosophierens: Beitraege zur Geschichteund Methoden von Polylogen. Wien. Facultas AG (2012) 279-296.

Anton Wilhelm Amo. Polylog, Zeitschrift fuer interkulturelle Philosophieren. Nr. 25, Wien (2011) 133-144.

“Extraversion and the Goal of Education in the African Context” African Study Monographs. Vol. 28, No. 3, Kyoto, (2007) 107-123.

Fellowship year: 
Dr. B. (Bekele) Gutema Jebessa
Former visiting fellow