Two new blog posts by Marcel Rutten: about witchcraft in Kenya, and about a Dutch TV show

ASCL senior researcher Marcel Rutten wrote two new blog posts: in the first, 'Joannes Heurnius, Witchcraft, Land and Coastal Kenya', he compares witchcraft in the days of his ancestor Joannes Heurnius (1543-1601, and a rector magnificus at Leiden University!), with today's accusations of witchcraft in Coastal Kenya. 'There is evidence that the future of witchcraft in the community is doomed. Education seems to be a key factor, as it was in medieval Europe', he writes.

In the second blog post, 'Kenya, BNN-VARA, Coriolis and Bad Science', he describes a conman in Dutch TV show 'De gevaarlijkste wegen van de Wereld' ('The most dangerous roads in the world') that tricks the participants about water draining clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

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